Private Lessons


What Will I Learn?

Studies are customized to the particular needs
and interests of the individual student. However,
there are also common skills that form the core of
musical and technical knowledge
which are essential to success.

Voice Lessons

There are three components to the vocal instrument:
Energy, Freedom and Space.
Students learn to balance these three elements to provide a free and natural singing technique capable of performing in any style without fatigue. Also included are performance techniques and audition practices.

Piano Lesson: Jazz and Classical

Do you want to play jazz, classical, lead sheets, chord charts?
Strong theory forms the foundation for great performances. Students learn jazz theory, develop their skills through technical exploration,
and come away with a style that is musically strong and uniquely their
own. Depending on the student’s goals, classical piano repertoire
may also be included for the most comprehensive approach.


All students are exposed to a variety of improvisation techniques, utilizing scat, blues and pentatonic scales. Students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of styles in a risk-free environment. For interested students, there is also the option of exploring sequencing, orchestration and arranging, computer generated music, and podcasting.

Music Theory for Voice, Piano, Guitar, and Song-Writing

Music theory unlocks the potential for further growth. Whether the desired application is jazz, composition, or song writing, this college level curriculum provides the technical knowledge to encourage growth. Beginning classes are in a group setting. Advanced students are taught one-on-one.

Industry Savvy Support

In this age of technology there are many tools available to the student and teacher to assist in their learning. David Hastings Studios has a full complement of recording equipment, sequencing and scoring software, and student practice mp3’s for their iPods. All these resources are available to students to enhance their learning environment. In addition students are encouraged to collaborate on projects and recitals to encourage each other’s learning.

Career Coaching

With 35 years of directing and producing and more than 150 productions under his belt, David is uniquely qualified to help see the big picture and offer suggestions related to their career goals. Coaching includes recital and audition preparation, scope and sequence for a variety of performing disciplines, and help in processing and planning for recording projects, college auditions, and other long-term goals.