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Here at David Hastings Studios, we believe that the most critical life skill we can develop is that of being a life-long learner. To that end, this is a some-what random collection of articles and resources to encourage and inspire our continued learning. (And if you have articles or items to recommend, please let me know. That is how I keep growing too!)

Improving Musicianship

Is It Magic? by Scott Healy talks about the magic of being able to play by ear. Keyboard Magazine, December 2009

In Woodshed Resolutions, Scott Healy (former keyboard player for “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian”) talks about the motivations and rewards of personal practice time. Keyboard Magazine, January 2010

How Not To Use a Metronome is a quick thought with ideas on how to use a metronome to build musicianship, rather than correct mistakes. Keyboard Magazine, February 2010

Don’t Let ’em See You Sweat chronicles Scott Healy’s thought process on a recent trip to the recording studio to lay down an track on an accordion! Keyboard Magazine, March and April 2010.

Life Is A Cabaret gives you a quick, inside look at Scott Healey’s foray into the world of Cabaret Theatre and the skills necessary to succeed in that venue. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010

Got an old recording that’s not sounding up to today’s standards. Here are a few suggestions that might help you Rescue an Old Stereo Mix Keyboard Magazine, May 2010

Sequencing: Three Top Studio Tips to improve the sound of your sequenced tracks and drum loops. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010

Personal Development

When You Grow, So Does Your Music Guest Editorial by Jon Regan. Keyboard Magazine, April 2010

Our world is inundated with media and “performance” venues, many of which are pre-recorded performances. Polite behavior is a bit different at a live performance. Here is an excellent summary of appropriate Concert Etiquette from the Salem-Keizer school music website.

In Getting a Gig Mike McKnight discusses some ideas for networking with other musicians to find a great gig. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010

Not everything about your success revolves around your musicianship. Here Jon Regan discusses core Life Skills that will enable you to pursue your musical art at the highest level. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010

Tools for Music Theory

Treble Clef Blank Staff Paper
Bass Clef Blank Staff Paper
Grand Staff Blank Staff Paper
Lines and Space Names Worksheet
The Circle of Fifths

The Science of Music and the Brain

From A Sharp to A Plus: Music lessons can boost your child’s brain power. by Sari N. Harrar. Prevention Magazine, January 2007.

Musicians’ Brain Activity Jazzes Scientists Neurology: How [jazz] improv lights up an MRI could illuminate human creativity. by Lauran Neergaard (AP). The Oregonian, March 11, 2008.

Todd Machover: Make Your Own Music In the future (now?) composers will no longer be the only people who are capable of composing. Smithsonian Magazine, August 2010.

Funny Bits and Other Random Stuff

Hamlet's AppartmentShakespeare Onstage in Ashland Not his plays, but the man. The OSF production of “Equivocation” brings the Bard, himself, to the stage. An article from American Theatre magazine on the process of bring the man to the stage. September 09

CHECK THIS OUT! Mozart’s April’s Fool Joke is a “table top duet.” No one doubts that Mozart was a genius, but I still am amazed at the multi-level thinking it took to pull this trick off. Find a friend to play this duet with you*. Print the music and lay it on the table between you. As you look at the music, play it from top to bottom as you see it. (That means your partner is playing it upside down!). Try it. It really works!! (*You can mix “C” instruments like flutes and violins or “Bb” instruments like trumpet and clarinet. Just make sure your partner is playing an instrument with the same transposition.)

Ernest Fleischmann, a musical visionary whose legacy includes the revitalization of the LA Philharmonic and the new LA Disney concert hall passes at age 85. Read about his legacy. Time Magazine, June 28, 2010.

The Church of Beethoven Not so much a church as a Sunday gathering of artists and musicians who enjoy sharing their craft and making their endeavors accessible to everyone. from the LA Times.

Transposing Piano Composer Irving Berlin wrote scores of hits on his custom-built instrument. by Owen Edwards. Smithsonian Magazine, May 2008.

Twelve Jazz Piano Firsts Keyboard Magazine’s list of 12 pivotal moments in jazz history, from Scott Joplin to Dave Brubeck and beyond. August 2010.

Resources for Singers

Vocal Health for Singers and Speakers Information from Dr. Douglas Skarata, Willamette Valley Ear, Nose and Throat.

Integrated Broadway Library Index (Alphabetical by Song Title)
Integrated Broadway Library Index (Alphabetical by Musical)

Many resources are available for Broadway literature, but where do you find a specific song? Here is the first integrated index with songs from 34 individual collections. Included in the index are these complete libraries.
* The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology (Hal Leonard) (22 vols)
* The Singer’s Library of Musical Theatre (Alfred) (8 vols)
* The Teen’s Musical Theatre Collection (Hal Leonard) (2 vols)
* The Musical Theatre Anthology for Teens (Hal Leonard) (2 vols)
(And a shout out to two students, Aldar-Ripley Sugden and Shannon Lee, for their tireless efforts in pulling this resource together. Thank you!)

Resources for Keyboard Players

The articles here are general articles and exercises related to keyboard players and their craft. Keyboard tutorials are found on the Student Resources tab.

Learn to Play Muse’s “Uprising” by Michael Gallant. Keyboard Magazine, January 2010
Minor Scale Mastery by Andy LeVerne. Keyboard Magazine, March 2010
Rock the Piano Glissando by Scott Healy. Keyboard Magazine, December 2009
Warming Up Under the Gun by Josh Dodes. Keyboard Magazine, February 2010
Concentrated Chops by Ben Stivers. Keyboard Magazine, March 2010
Finger Independence by Kiki Ebsen. Keyboard Magazine, April 2010
Play It Like McCoy Tyner Keyboard Magazine, June 2010
Matt Beck Helps You Get Limber Keyboard Magazine, July 2010
Blues Basics and Beyond by Andy LaVerne. Keyboard Magazine, August 2010
Accordion Lessons Yes, you read that right! by Gil Goldstein. Keyboard Magazine, April 2010
Play It Like Kenny Kirkland by George Colligan. Keyboard Magazine, April 2010

Sequencing and Recording Skills

Steal That Sound: Creating Popular Synth Patches
“Da Punk” Keyboard Magazine, February 2010
“Poker Face” Keyboard Magazine, February 2010
“Goodbye to You” Keyboard Magazine, March 2010
“Baba O’Riley” Keyboard Magazine, April 2010
“Hungry Like the Wolf” Keyboard Magazine, May 2010
“Addicted to Love” Keyboard Magazine, June 2010
“Chameleon” Keyboard Magazine, July 2010
“A Little Respect” Keyboard Magazine, August 2010
“Lucky Star” Keyboard Magazine, September 2010

Sequencing and Techno Pop Techniques
“The Kick Inside” Keyboard Magazine, December 2009
“Modular Patching in Reason” Keyboard Magazine, December 2009
“Subliminal Automation” Keyboard Magazine, February 2010
“Vocorders: Beyond the Robot Voice” Keyboard Magazine, March 2010
“Techno Delays” Keyboard Magazine, April 2010
“3 Top Techno Tips from Gabe” Keyboard Magazine, May 2010
“Electro Bass Lines” Keyboard Magazine, May 2010
“Six Studio Secrets for R&B Keyboard Sounds” Keyboard Magazine, June 2010
“Real-World Ambiences” Keyboard Magazine, June 2010
“Dance: The Rise” Keyboard Magazine, August 2010
“On the Art and Technology of the Two-Man Band” Keyboard Magazine, August 2010
“Top Ten Production Techniques every Dance Producer Should Know.” Keyboard Magazine, September 2010

Digital Audio Mixing Techniques
“PropellarHead Record” Digital Audio Software Keyboard Magazine, December 2009
“Patino’s Platinum Plugins” Keyboard Magazine, December 2009
“How to Rescue an Old Stereo Mix” Keyboard Magazine, May 2010
“Improvised Room Correction in Logic” Keyboard Magazine, July 2010
“Brauer: Playing your Mixer Like an Instrument” Keyboard Magazine, September 2010

Artist Interviews

Paul Shaffer: The Soul of Late Night TV by Jon Regen. Keyboard Magazine, March 2010.
Substance: Kevin Hastings Propellerhead (Reason) Software Artist Stories
Kevin Hastings M-Audio Artist Rep
Ludovico Einaudi: On Modern Classical by Jon Regen. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010.
Jamie Cullum: On the Pursuit of Jazz-Pop Perfection by Jon Regen. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010.
‘Toon Tracks Drew Newman and his man-cave where Cartoon Network music is created. Keyboard Magazine, May 2010.
Alicia Keys: The Element of Freedom by Jon Regan. Keyboard Magazine, June 2010
Herbie Hancock: The Culture-Bridging Power of Music by Michael Gallant. Keyboard Magazine, July 2010
Black Eyed Peas: The Biggest Pop Show on Earth by Michael Gallant. Keyboard Magazine, August 2010
Devo: The Masters of Subversive Synth Rock Return by Stephen Fortner. Keyboard Magazine, September 2010.

Web Links

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The Internet Broadway Database Historical Data for Broadway Shows

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